About Sirin Jewellery Atelier

SIRIN Jewellery Atelier is a new and exciting projected started by a close knit team of visionary designers and artisans, who are passionate about creating unique jewellery of impeccable quality and unrestrained enthusiasm.

Each piece is designed and created in London, supporting the time honoured traditions of European jewellery craftsmanship.

The close bond between the designer and jeweller is of utmost importance, as it ensures that the vision and message of every piece is realised “in the flesh” with uncompromising attention to detail and highest quality standard.

One of the core values of Sirin Jewellery Atelier – jewellery being an art form that cannot suit all, instead having to find its other half and touch the heart and soul of the person in a most intimate and emotional manner.

This is why all pieces in the collection are limited edition and are distinct from one another. The jewellery is numbered and hallmarked to support and reinforce the Brand’s vision and ideal.

An important feature of Sirin’s jewellery is its versatility. The pieces can be transformed from classic and restrained daywear to luxurious and striking evening creations.

Sirin’s unconventional amalgamation of enticing spirit of antiquity, dramatic expressionism of modernity, uncompromising stand on quality, unique materials and creation techniques are presented with singular and bold sense of aesthetics, luxury and dedication to the art of jewellery.